Illustration Friday-Hurry!

The word this week is Hurry!

This little guy is doing his best to hurry, but you know I think this old adage is true.  Let that wild hare hurry all he wants, my little turtle is going to take his sweet time.

I painted this for my daughter’s 4th grade teacher. Stephen Hawking is the class turtle-and with only 3 legs he gets around pretty good, actually.  We kept him for the weekend and he was a cutie!

Prints of Stephen will be available in the shop soon!



  1. very nice!

  2. I think turtles are kind of cute, and yours definitely is! I love that you posted some of your process. Steven Hawking is pretty cute, too 😉

  3. What a face! Very cute. Nice textures, too.

  4. Great illo! I love the lettering that you did also. And thanks for including the other photos!

  5. AprilHeather says:

    Thanks so much!!

  6. wonderful detail on the shell – can’t believe that it’s traditional work! thanks for sharing the in progress photos!

  7. Lovely illustration, what a cute smiley turtle :)