Happy Easter

I love Easter! Its one of my very favorite times of the year. I love the sound of the birds chirping, the sunshine, the flowers. I do love hats and think I should wear them more often.

I’ve been playing around with some of my springy paintings–putting them in a little collage. What do you think? Still learning how to play in Photoshop.  Above is the third try–although Mama Squirrel looks a little distorted.  Here was my second go at it:  

What are you doing for Easter?  We are going to the BEACH!  We got new kites and we are packing a picnic lunch-I can’t wait!  We did the same thing last year although the weather wasn’t so great-we totally did not care.  I really think we have a new tradition here.

Are you wearing an Easter hat? Perhaps a bonnet? With all your frills upon it?

Happy Easter! xo-Heather