41 things

Yesterday was my birthday!!

And that means its been a year since I made my “42 things to do” list.  I can’t believe its been a whole year! I just read this  “The days are long, but the years are short-G. Rubin”-isn’t it so true?!

So how’d I do?  Well its been a great year-but I didn’t get it all done!! I did stuff that wasn’t on the list and I learned A LOT that I wasn’t expecting to learn actually.  You can read the list and my updated notes if you like. But I’ll give you the short version.

I’ve learned that its better to aim high, because if you miss the mark you’ve still challenged yourself and learned something.

I’ve learned that real self improvement requires daily commitment in the little things. Commitment to being aware of the little choices, and thoughts, and perceptions. And a commitment to hearing and listening to my own voice.  Its very easy for me to hear what I believe others want or expect from me, and so difficult to tune that out and stay true to my own vision–and my higher purpose.  I want that vision to be Heaven-centered and divinely led. Not just by my own ego, you know? And that improvement doesn’t happen overnight-its a process.

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I’ve learned that its hard, but rewarding, to put myself out there-and be vulnerable. In my personal relationships, in work, and online. I stumble a lot. I fail. But I don’t give up. And I am learning to be a little gentler and kinder to myself. I pinned this recently-and I remind myself often now!

I’ve learned a lot this year. And hope to continue each day.  I still think “When I grow up…” because I honestly don’t feel 42.( I’ve been reminded that I don’t act it either….) I hope I never really grow up-what does that even mean anyway?

Wanna see a few shots from my bday? Stay tuned-I’ll tell you all about it next week!